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PayPal — Sucks! BIG TIME

Pay Pal sucks! BIG TIME! Do they even have a customer service department or a resolution center?! Or, do they just have an automated system? I have made numerous attempts to close my account. I am suspicious of their company and their motives. However, I have been unsuccessful in my attempts at contacting them, speaking […]

PayPal — Avoided All Together

For the past month and a half I have been trying to register my business bank account with PayPal with no success. I have been receiving multiple requests for the same verification documentation that I have provided multiple times and yet nothing has progressed. Whenever I attempt to resolve the issue online (as the PayPal […]

PayPal — Good luck to anyone who still uses them

I placed an order and paid using my PayPal account thing I would have their buyers protection. NOPE I was wrong. The seller sent me a tracking number that was delivered 2 months prior from my actual order date. PayPal doesn’t even take the time to check the tracking number to compare the dates. Ridiculous!! […]

Tri-Lakes Roofing — Do not Hire these crooks!

DO NOT HIRE THESE CROOKS!!! Jeff Morrell owner of Tri-Lakes Roofing is on heroin bad, He brought 8 guys to my house to start on our roof that was drunk on the job and they took off all the old roofing shingles on our home to start new roof replacement and after 5 hours they […]

PayPal — Refund and Denied Claim

No option to provide additional information. Fraud seller. On May 29th, I purchased a Blue Schwinn Tricycle as a birthday gift for the amount of $52.98. Immediately after purchasing it, the PayPal seller information did not match the website and the sellers name was in another language ( ). I sent an email to the […]


Andrew Imbrie Dayton would like everyone to believe he is a ‘global investor,’ with access to billions of dollars, who went to Princeton and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Basically a modern-day DAndy! In fact however, Andy Dayton is a garden-variety sociopath, who lies, cheats, stalks and harasses acquaintances, friends and business […]

PayPal — Dont Recommend Using PayPal

I thought this company was suppose to make buying online safer. I tryied to plead my case with them when I didn’t receive a refund and they told me a tracking number was not a valid proof of return. Guess I was suppose to drive cross country and deliver it myself and get a signed […] — Watch out for this conman

Beware of a fake website and Bill Norton Olsen, he is acting and copying the old studio called Embassy Pictures that is a Defunct company that went out of business back in 1986. Embassy Pictures sold their movies on VHS under license Code Red Media. He is stealing movies that are on the moratorium […] — Will not remove my private information

Dr. Bill, LLC will not remove my private information from his listing/website after multiple requests. Dr. Bill, LLC posted my private information including my home address as business address on his website without authorization, I have called/emailed multiple times requested this company to remove my private information especially my home address from his website, he […]

Dr. Jacques Aristilde — Spring Hill, Florida

At 15 she was developing into a woman. She had her first part-time job, after school, at the doctor’s office. Dr. Jacques Aristilde couldn’t wait for her to be grown, he was always touching her, started touching her in a sexual manner while she was still just a girl working under his guidance as a […]

Dr. Travis Hubin, DO — Wichita, Kansas

If you can’t afford to pay for your doctor’s visit, alternative options are now available. If you’re willing to have s*x in exchange for your co-pay, Dr. Travis D. Hubin or one of his friends will gladly film you in a live performance and promptly dismiss your medical bill. Participants are encouraged to be somewhat […]

Dr. Shafik Ahmad — Murder For Hire

Guilty! A Dayton doctor is facing sentencing following deliberation that led to a guilty decision. In a case that shocked the community, conspiracy to commit murder, Dr. Shafik Ahmad tried to use Josh Ryan to hire a hitman to kill his wife. He didn’t want to do it himself. Mr. Ryan then went to the […]

Dr. Michael A. Garvey — New York, New York

If you sue this doctor while still under his care, be warned, he will try and beat you to death and he knows how to hurt you while leaving only slight traces of a physical assault. He used his fists to tenderize a patient’s kidneys (already tender due to lack of blood flow), in an […] — Complete SCAM!

I have paid over $55,000 to a Skoolie Business that was supposed to convert my bus & I need help. I have posted in the past about what was happening & was reluctant to share his name because I wasn’t completely sure of what I was dealing with. It’s become undeniable that he has no […]

Dr. Donald E. Nicol — Sexual Assault

After being a doctor for over 30-years, with several complaints lodged over the years for inappropriately touching more than one of his female patients, Dr. Donald E. Nicol finally got cuffed and hauled off to jail for the latest sexual assault charges against him. The accusations come from two sisters. aged 19 and 21. While […]

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