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Dr. Travis Hubin, DO — Wichita, Kansas

If you can’t afford to pay for your doctor’s visit, alternative options are now available. If you’re willing to have s*x in exchange for your co-pay, Dr. Travis D. Hubin or one of his friends will gladly film you in a live performance and promptly dismiss your medical bill. Participants are encouraged to be somewhat […]

Dr. Shafik Ahmad — Murder For Hire

Guilty! A Dayton doctor is facing sentencing following deliberation that led to a guilty decision. In a case that shocked the community, conspiracy to commit murder, Dr. Shafik Ahmad tried to use Josh Ryan to hire a hitman to kill his wife. He didn’t want to do it himself. Mr. Ryan then went to the […]

Dr. Michael A. Garvey — New York, New York

If you sue this doctor while still under his care, be warned, he will try and beat you to death and he knows how to hurt you while leaving only slight traces of a physical assault. He used his fists to tenderize a patient’s kidneys (already tender due to lack of blood flow), in an […] — Complete SCAM!

I have paid over $55,000 to a Skoolie Business that was supposed to convert my bus & I need help. I have posted in the past about what was happening & was reluctant to share his name because I wasn’t completely sure of what I was dealing with. It’s become undeniable that he has no […]

Dr. Donald E. Nicol — Sexual Assault

After being a doctor for over 30-years, with several complaints lodged over the years for inappropriately touching more than one of his female patients, Dr. Donald E. Nicol finally got cuffed and hauled off to jail for the latest sexual assault charges against him. The accusations come from two sisters. aged 19 and 21. While […]

Dr. Helen E. Watt MD — Killed My Son

I did not have a good experience with Dr. Helen Watt, MD and would not recommend her to anyone else. I am not going to get into detail what she had did but she is the worst doctor, but you better be safe than sorry Helen E. Watt MD Mountainview Head & Neck […]

Dr. Kristin L. Howard, MD — Wellesley, Massachusetts

She was Newton-Wellesley Hospital’s “Doctor of the Year,” in 2009, having worked there for over a decade. Dr. Kristin Lynes Howard pled guilty to driving drunk and crashing her car, injuring another motorist. After going airborne and slamming into a vehicle stopped for a red light, she fled the scene, didn’t stick around to see […]

Dr. Lawrence Kaplan — Insurance Fraud

Do yourself or someone you love a favor and choose any place other than Temple Hospital for your healthcare needs. The reason is simply that they employ Dr. Larry Kaplan, a very rude man and one of questionable ethics regarding insurance fraud. This man was ready to operate on me for heartburn, he wanted to […]

Dr. Thomas C. Barone — Pill Dealer

This POS is the doctor who gives a m**********r the incurable disease of addiction, all while charging for the service and the over-prescribed dosages. He has killed many under his care. Friends don’t understand it, parents don’t understand it, other doctors don’t understand it, Dr. Thomas C. Barone had a license to kill. “Dr. Megadose” […]

Dr. Katherine Brown — Just avoid this one

Dr. Brown Katherine ignored the symptoms I stated (internal organ issue). I felt that she was jumping to conclusions too quickly without actual evidence or data. I ended up getting diagnosed with a condition that had she actually listened to my problems, would likely have gotten caught and treated much earlier. One last comment – […]

Dr. Susan Petcoff — Expensive Testing

Every time I walk into Dr. Susan Petcoff’s office I have to brace myself, in the same manner, I would have to if I were walking onto a used car lot. All she does is sell, sell sell – expensive testing I don’t need, vaccinations I don’t trust, anything at all she can get paid […]

Dr. John M. Palmer, MD — Temple, Texas

Dr. John Middlemiss Palmer, a perverted pediatric specialist, kept his kiddie p*********y on a laptop, which he kept hidden and locked away in his desk at McLane Children’s Hospital where he worked with the children under his care. He kept more kiddie p**n on numerous external hard drives which he also kept under lock and […]

Dr. Chris Christensen — Ravalli County, Montana

Following an investigation, Dr. Chris Christensen, of  Big Creek Family Medicine, was charged with 400 felonies – 2 of them for negligent homicide. This doctor turned drug dealer was finally raided by a joint drug task force which resulted in stopping the criminal distribution of drugs and endangering the public. Dilaudid and Methadone and Oxycodone, […]

Bank of America — Worst Customer Service

If I could give you all zero stars I would! My card was stolen just before christmas and I called THAT DAY and asked them to freeze my account. They refused. Had they actually done so the thief would not have gotten a dime! They did not start using the card til way after I […]

Racist Jake Frostick Premier Inn worker

Twitter user Jake Frostick who goes by the username ”Alan Smithee” has posted very concerning Tweets. These include supporting Goebbels who was a powerful figure in N**i Germany and responsible for the extermination of millions of Jewish people Jake Frostick’s disturbing Tweets also contain racist remarks about people of color Jake Frostick’s bigoted […]

Beachside Rehab — Liars and Rudeness

This is not the place to attend or send your loved one to if you like to be treated with respect and dignity. As a client, I expressed that this was unacceptable and they threw me out of the facility with no time to arrange transportation and no documents specifying why I was being kicked […]

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