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Bad Reviews @ Phoenix Restorations Flood & Fire Disaster Services , Owner Paul Klann Bribes

I thought I’d dig around to see if Paul Klann, owner of Phoenix Fire and Flood Disaster Restoration Services in Coquitlam and Vancouver, B.C, Canada used any other women and it looks like I was not the only one. I feel sad when I see reviews of his company because I know what it feels like […]

Emily Cox — Port Hardy, British Columbia

Emily C*x, from Port Hardy, British Columbia. She is a dirty cheater and a child s*x pedophile. She is a big fat liar that can never tell the truth that will screw your husband behind your back. She is on drugs bad and she likes to have s*x with 11 and 13-year-old little boys. She […]

Elizabeth Hernandez – British Columbia

Cheated on her boyfriend of almost 5 years with her co-worker. Was cheating on him behind his back. Gave her now ex-boyfriend an STI and the ex-boyfriend had to go to a clinic to take some antibiotics to get rid of it. She wouldn’t invite her ex-boyfriend to any staff parties or meetings, this is […]

Lyndsay Erwin — British Columbia, Canada

This one everyone should stay away from. Is this chick isn’t fuking your man it’s someone else’s. She’s a scandalous self-absorbed narcissist that posts inspirational quotes on social media to convince what herself she’s not trash? She’s a rock truck slore that gives b******s and f**s whoever in camp. Her lies and manipulation farther exceed […]

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