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Jonathan Gaytan Carrillo — Phoenix, Arizona

Jonathan Gaytan Carrillo is a schizophrenic MEXICAN!!!. Jonathan Gaytan Carrillo is a Mexican piece of s**t. He has sores all over his little p***s which are highly contagious. The guy is a creep, and carries an std yet insists on no condoms. Go to the doctor and get yourself checked if you had s*x with […]

Scumbag John J Kresevic “Stinky Pinky” JFQ Lending Inc of Scottsdale

Scumbag John J Kresevic “Stinky Pinky” JFQ Lending Inc of Scottsdale John J Kresevic (also known as “Stinky Pinky”), lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is the President and owner of JFQ Lending, Inc. This scumbag has a super shady past that he has tried to cover up. He has fuked endless clients and scammed and […]

Nicole Consaul — Tucson, Arizona

Ladies and Gentlemen, BEWARE of this s***k and her tactics of deceit, manipulation, and general all-around low life scumtasticness. Top honors go to her abilities to convince anyone and everyone she is the victim in some kind of attack on herself. Whether it’s her current fiancée or the next poor sap in line, perhaps “you” […]

Kendall Lowery — Avondale, Arizona

Kendall is a fun person at first! But once you get comfortable with her she will try and ruin your life! She screws everyone and you will never know! She is a fat s**t who begs for attention! I feel sorry for whoever she dates! She will try and get you to hit her so […]

Egypt Monti Beynum — (Ohio, Arizona, USA )

1st off he is a very good smooth talking scammer. He will talk your panties off but will use all your money and leave you high and dry . Well he is tiktok famous he has more then one tiktok account (egyptkingofficalxp) and more which is how he finds his new victims but he uses […]

Flavio Almeida, Gracia Barra — Phoenix, Arizona

As schools, businesses, sporting events, and most gatherings are being canceled most Jiu-Jitsu schools in the world have decided to shut down to avoid the spread of Corona Virus. Gracie Barra, a franchise of hundreds of Jiu-Jitsu schools across the country has decided that people not showing up for Jiu-Jitsu and canceling and pausing memberships […]

Robert Chavez — Phoenix, Arizona

Robert Chavez is a smooth talker he is a 40 yr old male with tattoos all over on his neck, hands, arms chest. lives in his car 2008 Pontiac G6 in phoenix az shaves his head. Uses women for as long as there’s something in it for himself then will figure out a way to […]

Megan Hebert — Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona meet Megan Hebert she is 37 years old and her life is incomplete Shambles, she is an alcoholic and can be found stumbling around the bars in Scottsdale on a nightly basis looking for any guy with a muscle shirt and money to go home with, she’s has a very bad gambling addiction, she sold her […]

Janet Berber — Arizona

Usually, posts are about regular s***s right. let me tell you about Janet Garcia! Married name Janet Berber. Janet is married to Carlos. Carlos has two kids before Janet. Janet snakes her way into a friendship with the mother of Carlos’s kids. Then she decides she’s going to break up two loving families by f*****g […]

Jama Ekelman — Tempe, Arizona

This s**t isn’t confident enough to cheat on her own. She has another slutty friend and, together, they tag-team older men in dark closets and bathrooms. If you go near Jama Ekelman and you want to save your marriage, don’t get on the kitty KAT car when she stops to pick up some d**k. Don’t […]

Barry P Scheurweghs – Phoenix, Arizona

Barry P Scheurweghs 50 From Phoenix Az Cave Creek Rd Cheater, Cheater, Liar, womanizer, S*x addict, p**n addict, sneaky, will charm your pants off and play you like a fool. Works for Progrexion where he f***s around with 22 yrs old and younger! A total S*X Predictor! This pig loves p***y he can’t keep his […]

Jan Skoropys — Tucson, Arizona

I married this horrible Woman on 07-02-18. She has a long history of accusing husbands of cheating, abuse, and drug use, when in fact it is her that commits these acts. She stole her daughter from the Father who had been awarded joint custody in the state of Florida. The court did not believe her […]

Mike Arce. Loud Rumor Quiet Chester!!!!

Mike Arce slept With me on a work trip. I’ve been afraid to say anything so I thought I would just post this hopefully his wife will see it he’s not the great guy that everybody seems to kiss his a*s and think that he is he’s actually a cheater and lies to his wife […]

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