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Janet Berber — Arizona

Usually, posts are about regular s***s right. let me tell you about Janet Garcia! Married name Janet Berber. Janet is married to Carlos. Carlos has two kids before Janet. Janet snakes her way into a friendship with the mother of Carlos’s kids. Then she decides she’s going to break up two loving families by f*****g […]

Jama Ekelman — Tempe, Arizona

This s**t isn’t confident enough to cheat on her own. She has another slutty friend and, together, they tag-team older men in dark closets and bathrooms. If you go near Jama Ekelman and you want to save your marriage, don’t get on the kitty KAT car when she stops to pick up some d**k. Don’t […]

Barry P Scheurweghs – Phoenix, Arizona

Barry P Scheurweghs 50 From Phoenix Az Cave Creek Rd Cheater, Cheater, Liar, womanizer, S*x addict, p**n addict, sneaky, will charm your pants off and play you like a fool. Works for Progrexion where he f***s around with 22 yrs old and younger! A total S*X Predictor! This pig loves p***y he can’t keep his […]

Jan Skoropys — Tucson, Arizona

I married this horrible Woman on 07-02-18. She has a long history of accusing husbands of cheating, abuse, and drug use, when in fact it is her that commits these acts. She stole her daughter from the Father who had been awarded joint custody in the state of Florida. The court did not believe her […]

Mike Arce. Loud Rumor Quiet Chester!!!!

Mike Arce slept With me on a work trip. I’ve been afraid to say anything so I thought I would just post this hopefully his wife will see it he’s not the great guy that everybody seems to kiss his a*s and think that he is he’s actually a cheater and lies to his wife […]

Ralph P. S., Mesa, Arizona

Ladies, do not be fooled by this guy. He will charm you until he gets you, then he will blow you off with a lie as fast as you can say, ‘what’. He is so into himself, his facebook profile really should say it all. He has children that he does not spend time with, […]

Brandon Bow — Peoria, Arizona

My Ex-fiancé will lie, cheat and steal to get what he wants. He used me and tossed me aside like garbage. He is a Coward and gets others to fight his battles because he is ashamed of himself and can’t confront the truth about who is truly is. He stole 6k from my dad and […]

Lori Davis — Peoria, Arizona

Just wait, you’ll get a turn with Lori Davis. Everyone does. Just give her a little time to get her drink on and then be prepared to show this hoe what you’re working with. If you have a friend, she might do you both. Or, maybe that was your friend who just came out of […]

Jared M. Chandler — Scottsdale, Arizona

Jared M. Chandler of Scottsdale, Arizona goes on seeking arrangement to find girls and offers them money to pay for his weird sexual fantasies. He had me shove four fingers in his bunghole while I was going down on his 3.5 inch peepee and that might be generous! This son of a b***h shows up in […]

Mary Hagen — Scottsdale, Arizona

Mary Hagen wishes she hadn’t cheated on her ex and he didn’t kick her out for being a tramp. She wants him back and keeps sending him nudes and smiley faces knowing he’s in a relationship with someone new. She paid my man for s*x and keeps asking when he’s going to pay her back, […]

Kevin Buurma Angileri, Tucson, Arizona

Apparently, I have been stalked on Facebook by the infamous Cyber Extortionist who owns sites like, and many others where he operates his cyber extortion scheme. The photo of me with a purple background was taken from my Facebook profile. I never did anything to him and here he goes posting lies about […]

Nichol Madewell — Kingman, Arizona

When Cody first got with Nichol Madewell, he came so quick that she thought he had a squirtgun or something, he shot her right in the eye. That will make a friendly b***h get rude, faster than Cody can reload his little pop gun. But she was h***y and didn’t want to have to rub […]

Mark Mitchell — Tempe, Arizona

Poof ! Gone. It’s almost like Mark Mitchell was never accused of raping a 10-year old little girl. While babysitting her and her brother, Mark allegedly pulled down his tightie whities and stomped her little p***y hard, made her bleed and cry. Then, he borrowed some payoff money from daddy and, apparently, in Tempe, Arizona, […]

Josh Barnett — Phoenix, Arizona

Josh Barnett Running for Congress in Arizona. He’s a user, abuser and a joke. He begs and borrows from people to keep his gym open and then screws investors over and never pays his dues. Not only that but he’s involved in steroid sales and other performance enhancing drugs. Why run for Congress when one […]

Vivi Munoz — Phoenix, Arizona

This woman approached a married man, befriending him knowing he was married with two children and a baby on the way. Her history from mutual friends have confirmed he is not the only and has messed around with unavailable men before. When the truth came out, the teen daughter reached out calling her a homewrecker, […]

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