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Casey Osteen — Mobile, Alabama

Casey likes making new friends with couples and secretly f*****g the husband while cheating on her own man. Lend her your ear and she wants the c**k before you know it – BAM! Your new friend is now competing for your husband’s attention and s*x. She might go for a threesome, who knows, she has […]

Bonnie Givens — Jackson, Alabama

This nasty creature of an old woman. She thinks she is that and a bag of chips but in reality, she is just a low life floozy. She will cheat on you and have s*x with her clients and your best friends. In any ugly contest, it would probably be a tie. Somehow Bonnie gets […]

Misti Cooper-Athens Al

Misti is a dirty slutty b***h just like the dogs she rescues. She flirts, text and fools around with married co-worker. In fact there is 4 of them in the office with same married co-worker. Karma is a b***h too she will get you.

David Kilcrease — Dothan, Alabama

He was sweet and thoughtful at the start of the relationship but, as time went on he started to become controlling. As more and more time had passed his controlling for all things inside and outside of our relationship grew. It was his way or the highway no matter what it was. Here are just […]

Heather Reed — Mobile, Alabama

This horsey t**t runs in low circles, she’s the kind of ‘friend’ that will f**k your man when you are down. That makes her feel like a worthy Ho doing someone a favor by being a s**t for his nut. Something is better than nothing and she can always find another ‘friend’, it’s easy when […]

Kayla Lashae Brewer — Moulton, Alabama

Kayla Lashae Brewer or Johnson seems to seek out married men. She isn’t happy being the side piece though. She makes sure that the wife finds out. Then she starts wanting to get married and move in. Men, you may think this chic is good for a one night stand but she will turn stalker […]

Stephanie B Holmes — Athens, Alabama

Stephanie Holmes Athens, Alabama works at Coilplus AI. She messes with younger married men that she works in an office with her. She pretends to be friends but it’s really friends with benefits only problem it’s with your married husband. Stephanie B Holmes. She pretends to be a Christian while she messes around with married […]

Sonny Cravey — Andalusia, Alabama

This man isn’t just cheating on his wife, he’s cheating with multiple women, He lives in Andalusia, Alabama and his wife’s name is Lisa Cravey, He works for the State of Alabama, basically just driving around all day every day, Because of the freedom he has at work, he’s able to visit these women whenever […]

Tonya Lewis — Red Bay, Alabama

Tonya Lewis switches dicks faster than she switches hair color. She’s a nasty old Ho who likes them young, old and in between. Her favorites are black men, she f***s them and lets them go back home. The new d**k will pick up where the last man left off, between the stains of her nasty […]

Derrick Marquis Bryant — (334) 441-8170 — Bryant Experience Movers — Dothan, Alabama

This man carried on at least three relationships for over 5 years, including one with his wife. He has 10 children with 9 different women. Outside of the three women he kept, he still slept with multiple women off and on. He is a mover and truck driver, primarily working military moves in various states […]

William Thomas Alford — Alabama

Well guys here is William Thomas Alford. That is his name on his official Facebook. He goes by Will to his loved ones and me. On social media he is AKA: Will Alford Thomas Alford William Thomas Shady Alford (really dude) and idk but he makes different accounts with different names Turning 26 in Novemeber […]

Brian Toner & Mitch Ray Tristan AKA Angela Tristan – Birmingham, Alabama

Mitch Ray Tristan AKA Angela Tristan cheated on her husband Armando Julio Tristan with Brian Toner who is a convicted felon and lives in Southside in Birmingham, Alabama. Mitch Tristan abandoned her children to be with Brian and dumped them off with their grandmother. Brian Toner is a deadbeat dad and his mother Janice Toner […]

Chris Broadnax — Birmingham, Alabama

This loser has repeatedly abandoned his child and dodged DHR so they cannot even find him to serve him. Meanwhile this a*****e invests money trying to launch an urban magazine he calls Hot Sauce Magazine. His son is physically disabled and he doesn’t bother to go to doctors visits or take him to therapy.

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