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Camille Raye – Washington

This nasty looking duck face w***e has a twitter @mscamilleray, Instagram, And she even has a website called ( so she can posts w***e like “modeling pictures”. The reality is this b***h is a floozy and loves f*****g guys for money and drugs. She loves traveling the country looking for freshmen her evil strikes. This crazy fool even has floozy looking lips that you can clearly look at and tell her lips are fake. She opens her legs for anybody and everybody she can and boy does it stink. She will take pics of herself and yourself and post them on any and every kind of seductive website she can. She will post the pics of to get what she wants and that’s your money!!!

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5 comments on “Camille Raye – Washington

  1. Ihatewhores says:

    This w***e is so full of herself, FILLERS, and bullshit. Maybe if she stopped f*****g for shoes and bags she could afford to clean her nasty apartment that you can see in her selfies. Probably smells like tortillas and 3 day old guac just like her p***y. She photoshops her face so much that she looks like she pasted it on someone else’s body and her chin must hurt whenever she’s gagging on old peen bc of the obvious fake point she facetunes it down too. But maybe that helps whenever she’s r*****g fat old mens a******s for rent money.

  2. blue says:

    I called and nothing. Checked website and, apparently, she’s giving her beaver a rest for a couple months and getting more surgery and shopping for shoes.

  3. jock says:

    she used to sell p***y in Vancouver, international tramp!

  4. Mitch says:

    She’s a smoking hot F-toy and all you b*****s are just jealous. Dirty wh*res are G*d’s Greatest Gift to mankind!

  5. Brian says:

    She barely looks like the girl I booked. She is recycling old pictures of herself and retouch them. She is far from being thin, I have nothing against curvy women but I have my preferences when choosing an escort.
    Save your money guys!

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