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Bryan Saintes — Texas

9 years of dating and 5 years of being engaged with him, I am still being contacted by women who are being used, abused and hypothetically thrown away once he is done with them or he has been found out. There is nothing gentlemanly about him, he is a scumbag who uses women and pays couple hundred of dollars to have s*x with them. He pretends to be a retired police officer and, he is not. He was forced to relinquish his badge for life in the state of Texas in 2014. The bottom line with this man is that he was married to me for five years and he just used me for a free housing and while I was at work he would use his unemployment checks to just have s*x with 20 year old college girls. My friends on facebook contacted me and sent me a screenshot with a link of this website saying that he was cheating on me with a prostitute. By the time I saw him on here I had already kicked him out and filed for separation. Really abusive with women and he hypnotizes young girls into believe he is in love while the reality of the matter is that he is sick man who snorts cocaine all day and fools younger girls into having s*x. As his ex wife I am glad posts like this exists so that others don’t get fooled. BE AWARE.

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2 comments on “Bryan Saintes — Texas

  1. Good Lord says:

    Get over yourself. I mean seriously 5 years engaged should of told you he isn’t wanting to marry you. How long ago was that? I am certain awhile back. Get a life kiddo!

  2. Annabelle says:

    Then why waste everyone’s time. I have the court documents of him beating Sarah. He plead guilty to them. He also had to pay 5 grand to get out of jail. And no he isn’t a cop. If you google his name there are documents where he has to permanently relinquish his badge. He is also very racist. Not to mention he has a very hairy back that he shaves every week. Verbally abusive as well as physical. He’s not worth it ladies. He is ugly, but smooth with the words. Was busted in Montgomery county for forging checks. Should be in jail.

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