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Bruce Omwoyo – New Castle, Delaware

Bruce Omwoyo is a bad guy. He is a womanizer and a liar and he helps his friends cheat on their wives. Bruce works at City Mist Logistics with his Uncle Walter Nyandiba. They are con artists. They travel to DC and Kenya alot. Dont trust these men!

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7 comments on “Bruce Omwoyo – New Castle, Delaware

  1. kellog says:

    Someone trusted him with all those dead presidents. Notice they don’t seem to be large denomination bills?

  2. tom says:

    you probly trusted the money
    in g*d u trusted

  3. jes says:

    sombody be trustin this dude
    lookit all that cash

  4. donwrk says:

    He’s showing the uber world that he can pay for rides .Bruce Omwoyo doesn’t work at City Mist Logistics with his Uncle Walter Nyandiba, thats cover for his thriving t-shirt business in D.C. He has chinese sweatshop workers in metro D.C. silk screen O.G. Gangsters on blanks which they supply and he sells to wanna be pimps who need to supplement their gangster image with the legitimacy of a kinda business. Get the girls to buy and wear them and sell them, make them work for daddy. Make them get the benjamins and franklins if they no count and cant hustle. The proof that this works in in his bankroll, he earns this amount week after week.

  5. Abuya says:

    Bruce Omwoyo – New Castle, Delaware
    Erastus Mong’are is friends with Walter Mareta Nyandiba and his nephew, Bruce Omwoyo; all currently reside in New Castle, Delaware, where they have formed a corporate structure, of sorts, without any red tape. It started as a way to grow the Kenyan presence in New Castle and surrounding areas. What started as an insightful side-hustle is now a very profitable business with no government interference.
    The men got together and complained that they were tired of making love to the same old woman, the same wives, the same old thing. They needed The Horn of the Rhino just to keep from falling asleep, just to feign interest, to keep things up and going. With all those kids, they needed a quiet place just to fantasize about U.S. dollars. And they knew The Horn of The Rhino was the surest way to achieve all their goals.
    The Horn of the Rhino is ten times more powerful than V****a and the two elders remembered a poacher from their old village in Kenya. They saved up the cost of airfare and sent word to the old poacher that they would be sending Bruce to set things up for a new export business in Kenya. Already working for City Mist Logistics and knowledgeable in the business, Bruce took to the new business feverishly, even saying he didn’t care if he got fired from his regular job – he could see dollar signs flashing in his dreams. They had the first shipment sent in hollowed out African Art Figurines, which they had the older kids and their wives start selling on the streets and to local businesses sans the magic brown powder. They sold out of the first lot quickly and dabbled with sales on ebay. The response was quick and they saw requests increase within weeks. Meanwhile, word about the powerful aphrodisiac was spreading and they could barely keep it on hand. Their wives were happy, two of them pregnant again, and the money was starting to flow. Another Kenyan in the D.C. area signed on and imports ramped up astronomically within the next few weeks with the aid of an international airport. Dummy product lines were expanded and orders increased.
    Business is now spread across most of the United States and parts of Canada. Families are growing and the wives are once again complaining. This time because of their husbands’ absence and stinginess. One told all she knew and is threatening to destroy the multi-million dollar enterprise. I’m relating the story out of fear for her safety, just to let the world know about this ghost operation should anything tragically befall one of the neglected women.

  6. Jamal says:

    thats some bullshit that n***a sellin dope
    i sees him with b*****s off the street an he keepin
    they a***s f****d up and on they back
    makin his money the old skool way
    pimpin an sellin product to the streets

  7. says:

    Bruce be dealin now tryin to come up in the world. He wants to bring his cousin here and marry her in front of the preacher and he can pay with twenties and tens. When he start bringing down the benjamins then he going to make it rain in the club. He stoopis as h**l and be ridin the bus.

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