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Victoria Reese – Lawton, OK

This ugly, half-breed, mulatto s***k is a Facebook troll who harasses people online. Victoria Reese is also a Black Lives Matter member/supporter. She is an insecure a*****e racist who hates the color of her skin along with her nappy a*s hair. She exposes her insecurities by expressing her ugly attitude onto white people, because she […]

Cheating Arsonist Jeffrey Bauer – Nottingham, PA

This mugshot is of Jeffrey Marc Bauer who is originally from Nottingham/Oxford, Pennsylvania. This 48 year old man is now incarcerated at a state correctional institution at Huntingdon, PA. He has been there for over 12 years. His sentence originally was for 12-24 years. His crimes were arson and attempted murder. Jeffrey Bauer had set […]

Brianna Allen – St Louis, MO

This grotesque beast is a Black Lives Matter Supporter, from St. Louis, Missouri. Brianna Allen is waste of space, college dropout and a trifling piece of s**t! Brianna is racist against white people, even though she is half white, herself. She lets her racism be known by supporting hate groups that are against white people. […]

Janee D. Joslin – Virginia Beach, VA

Corrupt Attorney Janee D. Joslin – DO NOT HIRE! This sad sack was suspended years ago, for sexually assaulting one of her clients. Janee Joslin should have been disbarred altogether! For those who do not know, Janee Joslin is not a man, but a woman. People see the words “sexual assault” and automatically think it’s […]

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