Remove Reports Maxwell Levy 917-822-1108 Maxwell Levy 917-822-1108 Is hard to believe he’s a top if you ever meet him, he’s so effeminate… beyond flamboyant. He’s short, ugly and has to pay to get what he wants. Stay away from him! He’s a teaser, he asked me for more pics, he wanted to use skype, etc. Such a waste […]


he called me from 610-527-8228 told me the story of his pathetic life and never closed the deal… I don’t know if he was on drugs or what? Later on he made plans with another escort who was staying with me in the same hotel and never showed up.

David J Franklyn 650-436-2815

David J Franklyn 650-436-2815 he wanted me to get to his place at 50 West Bellevue San Mateo, California 94402 ASAP… he wanted to f**k me raw which is fine with me because I’m on PrEP. He also said it would be his first time doing this… I was visiting and staying in a hotel […]

Michael Hackler, 52 years old 253-341-1099

Michael Hackler, 52 years old 253-341-1099 He told me he was a complete bottom and he wanted to get f****d by me and eat my c*m… but he never showed up at my place in Seattle. A couple of other local escorts had similar issues with him. He also suggested smoking pot on his way […]

206-856-3063 122 Broadway Seattle

206-856-3063 122 Broadway Seattle He told me never before hired an escort and he’s very hot and has a bf… Of course he said he was clean and wanted BB s*x… I ubered to his place at 122 Broadway Seattle but he never opened the door… I guess he was playing games.

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