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Concetta Suciu — Vienna Center, Ohio

This girl sends x rated pictures to every guy she works with. I talking very explicitly. She is an ex-stripper who obviously misses her craft. She plays a pathetic and needy single mom with 2 kids and makes men feel sorry for her and want to help. She has no boundaries and will hook up […]

Brent Fisher — Winnipeg, Canada

He’s Obsessed with Masturbating. He is a really cool guy. He came to my house, asked me to be his girlfriend. You don’t ever have to worry about him cheating on you. Because He would rather m********e than have s*x, He likes to smell my farts and he loves to m********e when he smells my […]

Carlos Los Jones — Cleveland, Ohio

He’s a Disgrace. He’s on websites like and so many others. He goes on online looking for threesomes with another woman because his kid’s mother won’t do it. He’s a disgrace and doesn’t give him your number. He will give it to another woman saying you want to do a threesome.

Isaiah Jackson — Springfield, Ohio

Isaiah Jackson of Springfield Ohio is the name of this misfit, pig f****r who abused this baby, in this photo. This racist, piece of s**t is a baby killer and an abuser. His mother must be proud of raising such a worthless, violent scumbag. His mother is more than likely an obese, nymphomaniac w***e with […]

Erin Frawley — La Mesa, California

She is a 35-year-old Erin Frawley scams men for s*x. Erin Frawley is the kind of s**t stain that can ruin a pair of panties or a relationship that’s worth saving because there are children involved. Throw them out or try and clean them? First, you have to get rid of the c**p that’s causing […]

Randy Cook / zr0skilz | COLORADO PEDOPHILE

He is [currently] a thirty-one-year-old pedophile who never quite grew out of his teenage phase. Immature and manipulative (but can’t lie to save his life), he prefers to spend his time online grooming underage teenage girls and having them send their underwear to his house.

Nichol Kessinger — Denver, Colorado

Nichol Kessinger likes to stand out and get all the attention, she makes men grow in the dark. The only problem is when they go back to their ex and she thinks they’re her man just because she f****d them a couple of times when they were having a problem in their relationship. Not every […]

Annie Mckay — Alberta, Canada

This is a 28 year old woman who lacks self respect and morals chasing married men , she shes a liar who doesn’t care about anyone but herself. The guy never was planning on divorcing his wife and leaving his family for her but shes so stupid she actually thought she was special so she […]

Ashlee E. Bauter — Meridian, Idaho

She might be new to the sugar s**t game but she’s not the freshest p***y on the Hotel/Motel circuit. This b***h must be too lazy to clean up after she gets used for money, her p***y stinks like she already put in a day’s work and it’s still early afternoon. What in the world is […]

Jim Rogers — Seattle, Washington

A PERVERT judge Jim Rogers from Seattle, Washington who raped a little boy and sexually abused him and the victim was his next-door neighbor child. Jim Rogers was the judge for King County Superior Court until he was arrested and charged with Rape and Child Molestation of a child under the age of 2 years […]

Ashley Taylor — Clermont, Florida

Get a workout with a happy ending, book now with Ashley Taylor, Real Estate agent to the h***y men who use her on a regular basis. Not from Clermont? No worries, for an extra fee this tramp will come to you and get you off with her mouth, she has a plan for every paying […]

Samantha J German — Fort Worth, Texas

Met her in DC, started as a business fling, things got heavier, feelings developed but She lived out of town so I kept things slow Always says I’m cheating Always asking about my business partners (female only) We both travel for business regulal1y, great dates/convo/s*x at first… then tile distance, fewer texts, but always visited […]

Sonya Curry — Radford, Virginia

Old guys rule this s**t with their wallet and keep her coming back to suck wrinkled b***s, with their c**k in their hand, waiting to go next. Sonya is a side w***e for rent since most of the over-60 -crowd she sucks d**k for are married and cheating and since she only wants money, everyone’s […]

Amanda Blackwell — Houston, Texas

If you are willing to spend some money, Amanda Blackwell is the slore for you. She will make sure you have a good time but she doesn’t take checks. It’s strictly a cash transaction and is on a first c*m, then go basis. She claims to be a sugar baby, like millions of other slores […]

Daniel Stenson – long island

Known for many addictions. cheating is one of them. He uses social media to find his next victims. Sleeping with multiple women at once. he has no problem having unprotected s*x and forcing women to have abortions. He hits the gins he deals With too. He has a total of four children that is known […]

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