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Mehar Gill Kang — Vancouver, Canada

This is Mehar Gill Kang or GK is probably the biggest stuck-up cent out there. She’s been matching guys talking to multiple guys and anything she remotely doesn’t like she unmatches them or ignores them she will start off with a smile and welcoming intro on bumble then try the degrade you she considers her […]

Jonathan Gaytan Carrillo — Phoenix, Arizona

Jonathan Gaytan Carrillo is a schizophrenic MEXICAN!!!. Jonathan Gaytan Carrillo is a Mexican piece of s**t. He has sores all over his little p***s which are highly contagious. The guy is a creep, and carries an std yet insists on no condoms. Go to the doctor and get yourself checked if you had s*x with […]

Crystal Arlene Ledgere — Modesto, California

Crystal Ledgere is a cheater, but that’s not the worst part about her. If you sleep with her, you can expect a few things. The first thing you can expect herpes. She won’t tell you anything about it. She tries to hide them with Band-Aids, saying that she cut herself shaving. Another you can expect […]

Dennis Mark Lohr — Florida

Dennis Mark Lohr f****d my step sister and f*****g broke my heart😭 he had s*x with her more than once in the same day he cheated with my blood and now my family is aware of it and I and my sister are done with each other my life is going to h**l because of […]

Laurel Stanislas — Springfield, Massachusetts

If your boyfriend lying about his extra friendly “friend” isn’t bad enough, she’ll also lie for him while she’s laying with him! Some s***k looking for attention and she doesn’t care who it’s from. If she’s friends with your man ladies you need to do some investigating…😒 she thinks she a goddess and claims to […]

Alexia Cunha — Brampton, Canada

This chick thinks she’s hot s**t, but she ain’t nothing but a w***e who uses and abuses men. She f***s and sucks her way through life and will try to take down anyone that gets in her way. She’s nothing but a desperate, pathetic waste of a human life. Women watch your husbands around her, […]

Olivia Quinn — Hollywood, California

She has come to Los Angeles to lay on her back to try and make it in this city big time. Not much talent in anything else and tries to justify her s*x work as being legitimate and tells all her friends she makes her money from modeling. Ladies make sure your men stay away […]

Kelsey Kae Dooley — Laramie, Wyoming

Kelsey Kae Dooley is her name. (Her maiden name is Honeyman). She had someone else’s child after being together for seven years. She rides around or hitchhikes around all over Wyoming and Colorado doing meth and pills and s******g men for drugs. She lies. She is a snitch. She is a fraud. She cheated on […]

Damien Trites — Massachusetts

Damien Trites is one sick piece of s*** of have known this s*** bag a good 20 years. I had no idea he was a pedophile. I would attribute this to a mental illness. I know when he was a kid he spent a year in juvenile detention from what I understand he was property […]

Madison Snodgrass — Wichita, Kansas

She’s a little shy until she wants to f**k your brother or the best friend of her boyfriend or your husband; then, Madison comes out of her shell and f***s without protection. She’s a mommy to a little dumpling she had with her ex best friends husband. She’s starting to overcome the shyness and her […]

Michelle Flynn — Huber Heights, Ohio

Michelle Flynn is a Manager at Domino’s Pizza and she goes by the name of Michelle Rose. Beware of Michelle Flynn is a bad tenant. Do not rent to this woman!! She has people living there that are not on the lease. We were horrified to see the condition of the home. she is very smooth […]

Shayton Scott — Newport News, Virginia

I recently discovered that he did another co worker really dirty which inspired me to post my story. This man is trouble. He will smile and batt his big green eyes at you. He has a pattern of finessing women who are older than him. He goes around the job flirting and telling people he […]

Jason Worsham — Hood River, Oregon

He has cheated on 3 different women since 2003. All 3 women are very similar to each other and very well aware of each other but he doesn’t know we know. We feel like this may be the best place to oust him. He is spreading herpes and this needs to stop. He doesn’t wrap […]

Alfa Dorothy Galit Mariano — Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Alfa Dorothy Galit Mariano from Oriental Mindoro is a classified homewrecker!!!! She destroyed her own family and chose to be with a wealthy man! She left her child and husband and went here in the UAE!!! She is an ambitious, gold digger, lowlife, shameless woman!!! How can one leave her child, destroy her own family, […]

Scumbag John J Kresevic “Stinky Pinky” JFQ Lending Inc of Scottsdale

Scumbag John J Kresevic “Stinky Pinky” JFQ Lending Inc of Scottsdale John J Kresevic (also known as “Stinky Pinky”), lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is the President and owner of JFQ Lending, Inc. This scumbag has a super shady past that he has tried to cover up. He has fuked endless clients and scammed and […]

Rebecca Sharp — Austin, Texas

She was formally Rebecca Webb Villarreal. She chose to go back to her married name before me. Was married to her for 3 years, the Worst mistake I ever made. She always denied cheating even when getting caught. She lies about everything in her life. She is trash and will always be trash. Well, I […]

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