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Trish Maclish — Krebs, Oklahoma

she knew that she was having s*x with the man that was with me in exchange for pills she even smokes weed without a license, she works for petes place in kerbs oklahoma she is also having s*x with the only skin doctor in town just to have a car to drive what a s**t […]

Heather Baram — Florida

Stay far away from this psycho if you are a man or a woman! She is a serial cheater and goes after her friends husbands and boyfriends! She will only get you in trouble and ruin your life! She has been the cause behind numerous marriages including her own! She needs to go live on […]

Jen Demura — Brooklyn, New York

It’s a simple story however with psycho never ending bullshit. Jen Demura is a decent looking 7 out of 10, is eager as h**l to please, and easy to f**k. Jen is the kind of girl who’ll let you do whatever you want so you date for a bit, at minimal effort, knowing she’s in […]

Elizabeth Cole — Fort Pierce, Florida

Attention People: UPDATE: THIS IS IMPORTANT. This woman is HIV positive and has herpes. Be careful!!!! Elizabeth Cole is coaching children to say that they’ve been sexually assaulted. Do NOT ever leave your children unsupervised near her. She is a psychotic woman on meds for mental disorders. Be careful. Never let her approach any children. […]

Heather Younger — Houston, Texas

There’s not enough time in any day or year to explain the answer to this…. Demented, delusional, stalker, alcoholic, w***e, drug addict, worst mom ever, can’t keep a job, who knows how she gets money, poor little victim… Needs to be in a padded room forever!

Heidi Montgomery — Las Vegas, Nevada

This woman will not, can not or just doesn’t understand when the trash goes out it stays out. Stalking to the point of finding out where a stranger lives!! Continuously texting and calling and texting and let it go!!! Not even bums on the street beg like that. Pathetic! Why would you want someone who […]

Amy Blair Heavner — Indiana

This woman is crazy. She is my ex girl and here lately she has been contacting me asking questions. I think her husband is not giving it to her the way he should and she’s wanting me again. She got married a while back and since then she has been blowing me up. If she […]

Diana Medrano — Grand Prairie, Texas

Diana Medrano Is a w***e who cheated with a married man. She dated this man when they were In high school and cheated on him back then and then reached out to him years later. She knew he was married but she still called him at all hours of the night al1d got a room […]

Randall Thompson — Las Vegas, Nevada

Meet Randall Thompson. Mr. Thompson is a struggling comedian out here in Las Vegas. Upon first meeting him he seemed like a okay guy, but eventually after befriending him is the exact opposite. Mr. Thompson is on the fence about his sexuality and can’t decide whether he wants to pitch or receive. Him having a […]

Doug Jurgens — Winterset, Iowa

I was separated from my husband and dated Doug for a few months. He is a complete drunk and drug addict. Due to his habits I quit seeing him. He has been stalking me for over a year now. Literally, he sits outside my home, will drive up and down my street, he was even […]

Eddie Kalil — Malden, Massachusetts

Where do I begin? When I first met him he claimed to be a professional poker player owning homes in Boston, New York, and LA. I later found out he owned nothing. No homes, infact he still lives with his parents. He has no car, infact he doesn’t even have a drivers license. He had […]

David Collett — Melbourne, Australia

This serial womanizer and compulsive liar has many many female ‘friends’ who are actually sexual partners. The way in which he treats them is appalling. He will drain your finances, use you as surrogate mum to his teenage daughter, manipulate you and mess with your mind, he will take all that you will give and […]

Amy Mcneil — Whittier, California

a serious c*m s**t…considers herself to be one of the most oral women around. Has a penchant for c*m swallowing. Lives with her mom, would rather take a load in the mouth without a condom then one downstairs with. A serious liar…preys on men online…overweight…big time gut…many naked pics to exchange…

Maulik Dholaria is a Cheater

Acts like he is single and sincere about dating, while he is married.Does not wear a condom ever with any hookup. Meets women on Facebook, POF and other free dating services. Prefers white women between 50-60 yrs old who will mother him.

Tyler Trudeau – Serial Cheater

Tyler Trudeau is a SERIAL cheater. He’s never remained faithful in a relationship. He’s got two kids now – both mothers he cheated on. First, it was a girlfriend he cheated on her and kicked her out when she was four months pregnant. Then he married someone else before the first kid was even born, […]

Denyell Vasquez

LYING CHEATING ADULTERER S**T AND W***E. Denyell Vasquez got with my husband when our son was still little, she knew he was married and knew about me even though she claims she didn’t. She had an affair with my husband and then he left us and never was in my son’s life again because of […]

Alan Edwards — Aurora, Colorado

PSYCHOPATH WARNING: On Match.Com as “greatheart0000″…no matter how intelligent-sounding your profile is, he will make an attempt to draw you into his fake world of lies. He says he was born April 5, 1957, but gives a different date and location to each woman he PLAYS. You will be bombarded with phone calls from “unknown […]

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