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Anisa Maysingh is a TWO TIMING SLIME

Anisa Maysingh is a wood hoping hoe. She pretends she is homeless & sleeping in bus shelters. She sleeps with random guys for money. She’s dirty.

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19 comments on “Anisa Maysingh is a TWO TIMING SLIME

  1. Kowreesh Ratnasingham says:

    This post is absolutely false. She is being framed. I know this girl personally. She is a faithful, respectful, kind hearted individual. It’s crazy how I stumbled on this post. I was searching for her Facebook profile and I see this. I hope whoever made this post will come forward or I will go to the police and have this deleted.

    1. James Fishamon says:

      This guy is completely wrong. idk find out for yourself. Lol

  2. Rishan Patel says:

    Stay away from here she will Ruin Your life.
    She will set you up and get you in trouble with the police.

  3. Kowreesh R says:

    I was wrong she is absolutely worthless. She slept with a lot of people that I know and I’m glad that I wasn’t one of them.

    1. Joshua M says:

      Fake news, fake comments

  4. Alondra says:

    Anisa maysingh sleeps around, cheated on all the guys she’s been with and she’s been sucking d**k for money. I knew her because she went to Sheridan.

  5. Jessica says:

    Anisa Maysingh is a brampton hoe from rexdale that comes from a dysfunctional family. Her mom and dad aren’t even together, she’s just a girl with daddy issues ya’ll

  6. Chris says:

    Anisa Maysingh is a hoe from rexdale she lives in Brampton somewhere. I heard she sucks for some pocket change.

  7. Shawn Khan says:

    Yooooooo Anisa Sabrina Maysingh is a failure in life she’s never completed school she thinks driving manual is a life skill. Smh. Can we just take a second to acknowledge how much of idiot she is??????? The b***h needs to make her insides and outsides pretty. This girl is scum. All she does is chases down her ex boyfriends.

  8. Mathew Persaud says:

    She’s so dirty and nasty, she looks like she has herpes and stds

  9. Anon says:

    No wonder Chris Subryan cheated on her

  10. Jenna says:

    This girl goes to bare car meets and just to find d**k to suck

  11. Sabryna L says:

    I can see why Chris Subryan cheated on her she looks like she has herpes, yes I’ve seen her in person she behaves disgusting

  12. Anita Bathe says:

    She’s the Toronto version of Meg the Stallion. Make sure you get checked. She does jail visits.

  13. Anita Bathe says:

    The police is her best friend when she owes ppl money. Has a bad history. She does telly/jail calls.

  14. Jessica Sookraj says:

    I heard she faked a pregnancy to keep her ex….LOL

  15. Donna D says:

    My boy clapped her p***y

  16. Ahh eee says:

    Ayoo where can i find this biddy, her ig went mia, any number or snapchat or imessage?

  17. Cash Carti says:

    Looking for her atm, her insta went m.i.a., can’t get a hold of her she might be in danger rn for all we know on some real s**t, & some bad people looking for her rn too

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