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Angier Ames Raped me for 3 DAYS!!!!!!!!

Angier Ames (Angier Moseley Ames) is a polite and well-spoken person who turns into a monster when you are alone in his isolated Healdsburg home where no cel phones work. We briefly dated and Angier Ames invited me to his home. As soon as I arrived he showed me 2 jump ropes and said he would tie me up with them. I then started losing consciousness after he gave me a drink. My body was numb and I was blacking out for hours. He then gave me PCP without me knowledge. I was choking and he just sat there. Angier then gave me roofies. Every time he gave me a drink I would black out. From what I recall, Angier Ames raped me 12 times. He even left me paralysed on his bed for over 8 hours and he would come in the room with a big grin and he looked very happy. My chest hurt and I thought I would have a heart attack. It’s been 4 months and my chest still hurts periodically. I asked Angier Ames if he was trying to kill me and he said he was giving me pleasure. I fell on the floor 6 times. I could not escape because I would blank out, have seizures (which I still have after Angier drugged me) I was falling and losing my memory and my body was numb. My doctor said Angier Ames gave me a strong anaesthetic with which you feel nothing and remember very little. It is used for colon surgery. Then after all that I endure for THREE DAYS Angier Ames had the audacity to tell me to water his plants in a condescending way. He has been arrested several times and he told me his ex girlfriend who is a nurse reported him to the police for hitting her. STAY AWAY from Angier Ames who is a MONSTER rapist with a short temper and unstable personality. He will hit, drug, yell and rape you if you come in contact with this POSSESSED BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!

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