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Andrea DeLeon of Las Vegas Nevada

Don’t be fooled by the lies and BS of Andrea Renee DeLeon of Energize Daily and Total Fox Fitness. She pretends to be health and fitness guru and Yoga instructor. It’s a fake front covering up the fact that she is one of the biggest (and cheapest) hooker escorts in Las Vegas Nevada. She got her start turning tricks at the Hustler Club in San Francisco years ago and brought her skills to Vegas.
I know because I was dating her over the summer. And I had a hunch she was cheating. It was worse then that. She was not only s******g other dudes behind my back but also is dating men “professionally”.
Thats right…the girl I thought I loved is a LYING two faced, cheating w***e. Not just a w***e, but a professional prostitute. So if you think you can trust Andrea Deleon of “Energize Daily” (@EnergizeDaily on instagram) and “Total Fox Fitness” don’t make that mistake! This LIAR can not be trusted. It’s a front for being an illegal Call Girl in Las Vegas Nevada. At least I found out the truth about her early on.
This hooker moved in with one of the many guys she was s******g around with after one month. She now lives at
8416 Cambria Cellars ST Las Vegas 89139

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9 comments on “Andrea DeLeon of Las Vegas Nevada

  1. Lucifer says:

    I am shell shocked (and if only half is true vexed and furious) ; I know Andrea for almost three years ; the picture of your report is a picture I took in Paris . She broke up with me officially on the 3rd of August . If I understand correctly you were dating her simultaneously + a bunch of other lads . I’m not very eager to go public with these stories ; any chance you and I can take this offline ?

  2. She knows who says:

    LOL! yes but the w***e lied and said she wasnt seeing “other lads” but lol you must be that European simp shes been bangin on and off for to long. yeah i know all about you too. theres no dude I didnt know about after getting into her iphone. whethere it was “dating for free” or, Seeking arrangments “dates for pay” I know about aaalllll of you. august 3rd huh funny date I saw her the day before when her PIMP was outta town nice pool. heres her pimp***e-f****r/

    oh yeah putta all teh dudes i found in her phone she ends up shacking up with this simp cuck b***h im guessin hes ALL about her whoring and pimps her out LOL

  3. SHe knows who says:

    Oh forgot to say GREAT photoshop skills on taht picture that you took of her right here. Yeah shes a pretty tang but this pic makes her look a MILLION times hotter than she actually is. Good job. Europe dude….germany or luxemborg? i forget. I guess your a photo editor by trade. GREAT WORK!

  4. whoresex says:

    hey your that Luxemburg simp huh. Or belgiium? Nah I think Luxembourg doesn’t matter what s*hole coubtyh LOL Oh yeah I know about u too. Check yer email. Hostert007 right? That’s ur email right? I know it’s u. I’ve known about u since April.
    Look at you defending her LIKE A TRUE SIMP! 😆😅

  5. Responding to Europe simp says:

    how do you intend to “take this offline” when I’m in west coast usa and ur all the way over in Luxemburg? ya man i know who u r. I know it’s u. Ive always known about u 😆.

  6. Andreas iPhone says:

    hey wanna know what’s funny is her justification for hooking. According to Andrea “logic” meeting men to screw for $$$ on Seeking Arrangements is not hooking she says 😆. It’s “sugaring” which ain’t hooking although she gets $$$ paid to screw. LOL. Aw man was the seeking arrangements app on her IPhone LIT UP. So Europe simp did u even know how many other dudes she was dating this summer?! U ain’t the only one. Or me. LOL. there were soooooo many. And now she is shacking up with one of the cucks who must be pimping her out. 😅😅😅😆😆

  7. Andrea DeLeons iphone says:***e-f****r-2/.

    This is the pimp shes shacking up with now. I was at her place on July 23 when I got into her phone and she was making plans for dinner with this POS. After she lied to me and said she wasn’t seeing anyone. And that you Europe dude she said she broke up with you in May. LIAR LIAR LIAR

  8. Dreas iPhone says:

    hey so ur her Europe dude right? Belgium or luxemborg i forget. See, this LIAR andrea told me she broke it off w*t u in MAY of this year, NOT August 3rd.
    so yet another lie Ive caught her in! BIG difference between May and August!!!! LIAR!!!!

  9. Andrea's P****D off ex says:

    SEriously your the dude shes been seeing off and on again in Europe. I knew about you you she actually told me about but now I see another lie I caught her in! She told me she broke it off w/ u in May NOT AUgust. She told me she broke it up with you in May when her and I got together. Theres a big difference between May and August!
    I beleive u , man. ANother lie I caught her in! LYING POS!

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