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Amber Shrader — Upton, Kentucky

Amber Shrader of Upton, Kentucky wasn’t coming on to a married man, she was just testing the waters, seeing if he and she had a future if they hooked up for real and he dumped his wife. Practice turned to flirting and flirting grew into fondness. It wasn’t long before she was declaring her love and wanting her daddy figure to mentor her and cheat on his wife. She offered parenting tips and the wife knew she was dealing with an under-medicated, psychotic b***h who never learned about boundaries.

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One comment on “Amber Shrader — Upton, Kentucky

  1. You already know says:

    Whoever posted this, truly must be a SICK individual. Because there is no proof behind any of this. And now we are under a gloabal pandemic, where people are DYING! On top of that, I am a mother. While none of this is true, do you not realize what’s on the internet is always there, which means these untrue accusations and slanders will in fold fall upon my children? How low can you be honestly? These sights are crazy, and who knows what it takes. But everything is traceable and my private investigator and lawyer have both already been contacted regarding this matter and justice will be served. They will find out who this is and you will be persecuted to the FULL extent of the law. I don’t care how much money and time and court cost I have to endure, my sweet babies will not have to deal with the backlash and a false sight and and in credible source!!

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