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Allie Schnieders — Wardsville, Missouri

This woman right here man let me tell you, my dude, she was tweaking with she f****d over me and I be the one here for her through everything giving her money feeding her taking her on vacations everything treating her right staying loyal all that and she f****d me over badly. I mean badly she legit face timed me on accident while getting trained by some guys in a hotel. she really tweaking. I saw it happening. I think one of the guys did it because it was as if she couldn’t hear me but I could see one dude looking at the camera smiling as he giving her his s*****g. She was moaning and calling them all daddy. She was sitting there sucking his c**k getting hit from the back they sitting there asking her are we f*****g you better then yo man and she said some yes she really hurt me. I ain’t tripping though because karma is a real b***h and best believe the same thing will happen to her one day. She really was my wife for 7 whole years we have had a miscarriage twice. I’m starting to think they were even mines and I’m not tryna sound bad saying that I’m just being honest its a reason she didn’t want the baby to come out I feel as if she killed them on purpose somehow taking pills or some I found some pictures in her phone of a white substance could be ice meth or even cocaine I don’t know for sure. I just looked up white power drugs and that’s what came up she is sick in the head I saw a video of her snorting something up her nose of a guys d**k and yes we were together while all this was going on I ended up packing her s**t before she got home and when she got home she smelled musty I could tell she tried to hide it with perfume because she reeked of s*x and perfume wasn’t she in for a surprise when I started throwing all her s**t out on the street and told her I’m exposing her because she’s a w***e she probably thought I mean nudes no baby I meant the truth so no other guy gets hurt how I did.

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