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Aidan Davis — Watauga, Texas

He is a pathological liar. Says he’s single and the reality is that he has three children and has been married 18 years. He is on many dating sites. He exposes his naked body to his victims for validation. He lies and says he has lost many people in his life to gain sympathy for manipulating others. Borderline/narcissistic like a personality disorder. Says he’s a vet and saw his best friend blow up in front of him. His best friend is still alive. States that he lost his grandmother to cancer who is still alive.

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5 comments on “Aidan Davis — Watauga, Texas

  1. Someone says:

    This psycho said she loved me after only a week and now she’s intent on tarnishing my name. She’s a clingy, obsessive, lying, fat, lowlife that needs to be removed from the public permanently or someone will get hurt/murdered by this idiot.

  2. Yo mammie says:

    Said by a person on parole. Who is married. Victim blamed with low intelligence. Thinks everyone wants him. He’s average looking at best.

  3. Cyndi Lou says:

    Victim blames. Has choked his wife and been to jail. He hides behind Christianity there’s nothing Christian about him. He is a violent person who punches holes in walls. Please be careful with this man. He is an emotional abuser and physical abuser.

  4. Cyndi Lou says:

    He also goes by the name Landon West he’s a serial cheater. He’s threatened with physical harm sending pics of a woman beaten up and shot. If he comes to My home he will be arrested a restraining order has been filed.

  5. Cindy Lou says:

    Low life is two words.

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