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Latest Complaints — Not A Quality Company

My fridge stopped working after 2.5 years, which was shocking. Pat came out the next morning and began working on it, it had a clog in the Freon line. It started cooling and I paid for the quick response and he left. 2 hours later it stopped again. He came back out free of charge […]

Melissa C Auman — Nashville, Tennessee

If you are willing to pay her way and give her money, Melissa will sleep with you when she knows you are already married. She a sociopathic nurse that sleeps with old-timers and the ones that can’t walk, they pay her good money for some stinky fish. She takes that money and travel and meet […]

Keith Allen Menier

He will charm u about relationships and once in deep, he starts verbally abusing you, very very jealous of nothing most times. Then very sorry but disappears for over nites, you can’t have male friends but he will keep exes as friends and more ladies. Expects to be served food in bed. with food and […]

Gilbert Rafael Leiva — Miramar, Florida

This guy talked to me for almost 4 years on & off. Told me he was split up from his wife. But somehow was always too busy to have a “date” But on a few occasions we met up to “hook up” He was a GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL texter. He was telling me he was […]

Monika Debro — San Diego, California

This w***e is unreliable, always shopping around for guys. She’s well known for sleeping around with loser musicians and managers. She’ll ignore decent guys since she’s broken from pursuing crappy guys, which is her fault for picking them to begin with and not doing any research. Don’t try to make things logical, since her decisions […]

Raven Foster

I hacked her Facebook and found this picture of my stripper ex-fiance who cheated on me with anyone she could find. You can find her on Facebook show her this let that b***h know. F**K YOU! Remove me!

Javier Pruneda — Nassau Bay, Texas

Javier Pruneda is a Cheater and a liar and a douchebag creepy stalker. Cheats at every location his company sends him. Known to have STD. Two little girls at home that suffer because of him. Remove me!

Randy Dean Stone JR — Missouri

He is a Narcissistic Sociopath. He wears a mask and pretends to be an amazing guy. It’s all an act. He is a monster that pretends to be charming, funny and has high morals. But its all a lie. He uses women and cons them to get what he wants. The mask will only come […]

Hagar Alon — Tel Mond Israel

We were in a relationship for about 2 years, when I found out from her friends that she kissed somebody else. I broke up with her but after some time I got all the details. She has been sleeping with about three guys while staying in a relationship with me. She would f**k them and […]

David Siegle — Ann Arbor, Michigan

David Siegle is a disgusting fat wolf in pig’s clothing who lusts heavily after college girls and hits on anyone he can. He routinely abuses his position as senior director of the university’s recreational sports building to interact with unsuspecting girls who are working out. He has even groped his student employees, especially girls on […]

Emily Marianne — Edmonton, Canada

Emily goes by different names when she sleeps with married men half her age even when she has been asked by his wife to stay away from her husband. He tries and keeps Emily away and hides her when he got a surprise visit and his girl is packing her things to move out and […]

Summer Mitchell — Pensacola, Florida

Summer Mitchell loves meeting new guys. Married or not these are guys she hasn’t f****d yet and she doesn’t waste much time sending them naked photos to all guys on Facebook. By the second week she’s already f*****g them like she’s trying to make up for the week she did without. That first week all […]

Richard Sabsay — Toronto, Canada

This cocky a*s thinks his s**t don’t stink, It so does trust me. Richard is a Cheater Liar and Fraud that loves to make promises he can’t keep to save his life, This fool is such a pro at head games and pretending he’s in love with you but really he is not. He’s really […]

Kassi Schmidt — Louisville, Kentucky

This s***k is a real homewrecker that goes from man to man sucking, licking and f*****g them dry. I have never seen a w***e this bad oh my g*d. She also uses drug after drug and really loves the high feeling. She has almost gone through every man in Louisville, Kentucky so watch your men […]

Tara E Haynes — Castle Rock, Colorado

Tara is a s***k and a w***e has been all her life and been used by guys since high school. She likes to stay in touch and hit up her old f**k boys on FaceBook. If they say they are with someone else she starts sending out nudes and more messages until they think they […]

Diana Longoria — Houston, Texas

If you messed with Diana Longoria you probably still remember the doctor’s visit to get checked for anything she might have passed along from one of her other “friends”. Once she gets to sink her nails into a man’s back, it’s hard for her to give him up and she begs and claws for more. […]

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