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This racist uses older women.

Kanokon Rattanapon (also known as Kanokon Pao Rattanapon, Pao Rattanapon, or กนกอร รัตนพล) lies about male colleagues on social media and the internet as her way to succeed in life. She feels nothing for the men and families she tries to destroy. Kanokon and her intimate friend are learning that escape from a web of […]

Kenneth Calamusa – Garfield, NJ

Kenneth (Kenny) Calamusa is a cheater, drug addict, and a violent, user scumbag. This lowlife, New Jersey guido, coke head has been high ever since he hit puberty. Beware! Avoid this a*****e! He will use you and will drain you of all your finances. Kenny comes from a family of losers. His brother is a […]

Gregory Capler (248) 613-9219

Gregory Capler (248) 613-9219 he talks about this weird fantasies of r*****g a guy’s dirty a*s for hours… but he cancelled every single time! He lives in Detroit but for the right stinky a*s he’ll drive to Lansing or so he told me.


646-702-3302 So annoying…. endless texts asking for MORE pics, requesting a video call to confirm pics because he has been catfished before and his time is so valuable… Finally he made plans and NEVER showed up at my hotel in NYC


610-804-4333 What a pain in the a*s… he loves phone s*x, I have a feeling he was jerking off during our conversation. If you’re a gay escort visiting Philly he’ll contact you and waste your time too.

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