Remove Reports

Business Demolition

Paying to remove scraped reviews off their copycat websites?

We track every single post that is stolen. And posts which are scraped from an original website and re-posted on copycat sites owned by scammers like will be added to over 100 additional sites and charged triple for the inconvenience of removing them and to expose their crimes. Their ‘help’ will actually do harm to your reputation. This site is run by thieves and extortionists who collaborate with other criminal sites like theirs. It causes needless heartache to those victims who are already suffering. They are bottom feeders! When an individual hires to remove any of these stolen posts, those same posts will get 10 times the exposure to make the scammers go out of business, guaranteed! You can blame these scammers for the new online ‘Nightmare on Main Street’ that you helped cause by supporting them in picking your pockets. They are your worst enemy and act like they are helping you when they take your money for something they are unable to help you with. They only have altered copies of original posts, which they tamper with to steal your money and further harm your reputation. and used to be legitimate sites exposing homewreckers and cheaters. Both sites were sold in 2019. Since the sites are no longer owned by Nic, many of the posts are being rewritten and posted as the original. They are stolen, and someone is even posting complaints that have tampered images and watermarks from legitimate sites. We’re starting the process of saving screenshots and other evidence that will be turned over to support the Attorney General’s investigation. Criminals will be held accountable and prosecuted. Paying to remove scraped reviews off their copycat websites pays a fee to hide or remove negative reviews from the copycat websites, we will find every single person who has ever had a negative experience with you or your company. Our team of SEO professionals will post those complaints on hundreds of search engine optimized web sites and bring all those negative reviews to the first page of Google and other search engines.


No money should be ever paid to RemoveReports, or your business will be completely


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