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Ronnie White Sr. — Memphis, Tennessee

This guy is a cheat and a user and a womanizer, so if you date him watch your back and sleep with one eye open. The love road won’t last long before he starts abusing you and your little children. You and your children will always live in fear if you date this monster. He […]

Greg Filbert — Gillette, Wyoming

Greg was one of my dearest friends. I trusted him with my life until I came home and found him f*****g my teenage daughter, How could he do this to me, I mean we grew up together like brothers. How could he hurt my baby girl like that, He was my f*****g friend\brother. Every job […]

Andrew Richards — Washington

This worthless a*****e has 2 beautiful kids, a 12-year-old girl, a 9-year-old boy. He has seen his daughter less than 5 times since she was a baby and does not pay child support even though he makes almost 2000$ a month for being “disabled”. He fakes disability and mooches off women to support him claiming […]

Maurice Martin — Kalamazoo, Michigan

He is a f*****g deadbeat a*s n***a that has over 7 kids at the age of 33 if u want him u can have him he won’t mind if u call him 3126721305 cause he ready to pop off another baby in you. NBS he ain’t s**t with his sick d**k having a*s. He says […]

Reginald C Moore — Humble, Texas

I have tried everything in my being to not post or put this donor on blast! But he takes my kindness for weakness … and I am no weakling whatsoever, Mister Moore. has daddy issues! So because his daddy didn’t marry his mother, he takes out his frustrations on his children. He has two children […]

Eboni Reed — Tampa, Florida

What a nutcase w***e who will lower herself to do lude acts for money and drugs even s*x. She just can’t get enough. She is very sweet and funny, A flat out s**t and w***e. She will take you back to her place until she takes off her pants I mean wow the look and […]

Teresa Rene Williams — Torrington, Wyoming

Teresa is over 11 grand behind on her child support, She lives in motels and other peoples homes and shelters, she is a meth addict and drinks from sunrise to sunset, She sells drugs to get money, trades s*x to older men for $100.00 payments now and then, Didn’t even call her daughter on her […]

Jeff Parks — Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Hi, my name is Kelli and my ex-husband had an affair with my younger cousin who used to babysit our kids while I did most of the working have since divorced and he has married my cousin and has moved on. He fails to support our children he owes an offset of 32,000 as of […]

Robert Day, Jr — Columbia, Maryland

This business executive quit his job making over S400k a year so he would not have to pay child support. He was an adulterer during his marriage and said he would devastate me if I ever left him. He pulled his extremely gifted daughter out of her elite private school and refused to pay for […]

Lawrence Trask — Conway, New Hampshire

Alcoholic with the peter-pan syndrome. Has 2 children he has abused, alienated and abandoned, and now has a welfare mom of two knocked up with his 3rd. He is so deluded he believes his own lies, and can” accept that he may be a sperm donor, but is in no way a father or ‘dad’.

Colleen Justo has HIV

Colleen Justo acquired AIDS by having a**l intercourse with her brother Emil. As a result, she infects everyone she knows with HIV and even has a fat ugly Puerto Rican daughter with HIV too. As a result, her brother won’t get her pregnant again because he doesn’t want the world to find out he is […]

Emily Parcell — Des Moines, Iowa

Emily Parcell is a LIAR and THIEF who brazenly scours the internet looking for victims on the dark web. She steals names and addresses of the elderly and using social media obtains personal details of her targets changing a few last-minute details to forge donations to her boss, Elizabeth Warren. She then steals the tax […]

Gulab Tejwani — Ohio

Gulab Tejwani Cheated on his wife with some tramp. This guy is not a prizeman all he is concerned with his hoes and money and also his drugs and crack. When you date this young punk it’s never about both of you it’s only about him and him only. This fool even dates guys, But […]

Gayle Martin — Paducah, Kentucky

This stupid b***h thought she was the only one getting his d**k after she got him to leave his wife for her s***k-ity self. He still bangs his wife and has another s**t girl on the side. He’s a manwhore and he likes to have s*x without protection. If Gayle isn’t infected with the clap […]

Wendy Whitted — Russellville, Arkansas

He had to try that flappy p***y when she sent pics for the third or fourth time. Wendy looked sort of okay for an older Ho. The coochie looked well used but it was there for the f*****g so why not? He slipped out on his wife and kids to try out this ho bags’ […]

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